700 Stripper Names

Across Two Continents men have united to catalogue the finest stripper names upon God's good Earth. Each member adds one name each day until the 700 mark is reached. (Please note that no whores/strippers were used in the creating of this list)

Friday, November 17, 2006


Congratulations are in order my friends. The list is complete. Soon we will be able to divorce ourselves from this disturbingly profane project.
But first, let us open the bottles of champagne, and light our cigars. . . the list is complete.
Then we must decide upon the reader and the music.
Please do so now.

-S. "Quite Lacking in Bitch-Tits" M.

Number 700

Bitch-tits McFarlip

Number 699

Barnyard Benjy, the Cattle Kisser

Number 698

Sweaty, Smelly, Grunting Billy

Number 697

Humpbacked Gale

Number 696

Rabbi Doyle the Gentile Mohel

Number 695

Jiggly, Juggly Jimson

Number 694

Jane Juggsly

Number 693

'Triple Phallus' Alice Swanson

Number 692

Harry, the Backdoor Mutilator

Number 691

Jimpsy Fugglesworth

Number 690

Job 'Boobjob' Johnson

Number 689

Tim 'the Toolbag' Taylor

Number 688

Mrs. Teasedale

Number 687

Hot'n'Sweaty Jill, the Ludicrously Out of Shape

Number 686

Susan Boobs Anthony

Number 685

Wild Bill Penis Breath

Number 684

Armpit Harrelson

Number 683

Isaac Assimov

Number 682

Puggsly Buttstroke

Number 681

Sharkmaster AlphaAlphaZetaZeta Apetits

Number 680

Sam & Marie - The Leatherbound

Number 679

James 'One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare A Tongue War' Oglethorpe

number 678

Candy Waxyass

Number 677

Johann Sebastian Cock

Number 676

Bluebeard Peg Cock

Number 675

Iron Longsword

Number 674

Holdemdown Sally

Number 673

Sexy Starla, the Bonemaker

Number 672

Flubbs Tubbs, the Bonehead

Number 671

Pen Ken, the Half-Cocked

Number 670

Penis Penis Kent, the Twicely Cocked

Number 669

Chubsly Lickington

Number 668

Lord Buckingham

Number 667

Cluckington Sex

Number 666

The Mark of the Bestiality

Number 665

Chester Cheeseballs

Number 664

Preston Wood

Number 663

Bart 'Beef Bone' Beauford

Number 662

Where's Waldo's Penis?

Number 661

St. Flaccid

Number 660

Archibald T. Cock

Number 659

St. James the Greater Stripper

Number 658

Handel the Handle

Number 657

Alexander the Great Stripper

Number 656

Gladius Maximus

Number 655

Stanley Stalagmite, the Rock Hard

Number 654


Number 653

George Gaybags

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Number 652

Well-Hung "Texas Strangling" Sanchez - The Twice Hanged.

Number 651

Jim "Slip 'n Slide" Boggs, the Lubricator

Number 650

Mega Man seX

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Number 649

Fishing Pole Chuck

Monday, November 13, 2006

Number 648

Big Ben "The Cock Tower"

Number 647

Rutherford B. Hayve

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Number 646

Felicity, the Fecal Phenom 

Number 645

Rory Cockenstock 

Number 644

Cleatus Cluck, Cob Husker Extraordinaire 

Number 643

Moby Cock 

Number 642

Clubsy Waggington 

Number 641

Benjamin Bitemyass 

Number 640


Number 639

Frenchie, the German Prostitute 

Number 638

The Rubber Maid 

Number 637

Peter, the Archbishop of Sex 

Number 636

Pope Gregory, the Italian Sausage 

Number 635

Isaac, the Woman Hater 

Number 634

Sweatbag, the Perspirific

Number 633

Dudley the Mountee 

Number 632

Raunchy Ralph and his Cleavage 

Number 631

Buggered Brad, the Bent 

Number 630

Prince Albert, the Penis Impaler 

Number 629

Ron Sexsmith

Number 628

Maurice, the Ostrich-Sized 

Number 627

Maurine, the Ostracized 

Number 626

Johnson & Johnson, the Lathered Brothers 

Number 625

Farting Jarrod 

Number 624

Johnson Controls 

Number 623

Amos 'the Anus' Angus 

Number 622

Chun Lien, the Aged Asian 

Number 621

Stinky, Stinky Tim, the Unbathed 

Number 620

Vince the Virgin 

Number 619

Agenital Jones

Number 618

Genital Jones 

Number 617

Topsy Turvey Tim, the Inner Ear Impaired 

Number 616

The Cow Skinner 

Number 615

The Tampa Bay F*ckaneers 

Number 614

M'tembe the Well Endowed 

Number 613

Palio and his Purple Wand 

Number 612

Peter Pilloweater 

Number 611

Dick the Chick 

Number 610


Number 609

Dick 'the New Ass' Thomas 

Number 608

Forceful Jackson, the Crotch Desirer 

Number 607

Fappin' Frank, the Self-Absorbed 

Number 606

Casket Raper, the Necrophile 

Number 605

Tag-Team Tucker  

Number 604

Asscrack the Enterable 

Number 603

Tammy Cuspabust 

Number 602

Premature Ejaculation Eddie, the Unhireable 

Number 601

Dr. Seducto 

Number 600

Princess Peachfuzz 

Number 599

Tijuana Terry 

Number 598

Skinless Aji 

Number 597

Third Degree Jack, the Burn Victim 

Number 596

Chester, the Clothes Taker-Offer 

Number 595

Primsy Bumpkins 

Number 594

Backwards Cecilia and Her Saggy Shoulder Blades 

Number 593

Convoluted Carla, the Incredibly Confusing 

Number 593

Penisless Jerry 

Number 592

Tex Holdenem 

Number 591

Randall 'the Scandall' Buttsecks

Number 590

Recapitulating Randy, the Dog Raper 

Number 589

David Coppafeel

Number 588

Flaccid Franzibald 

Number 587

Brother Salmon, the Hickey Giver 

Number 586

Odorous Allison 

Number 585

Plucky McSexumup 

Number 584

Long, Hard Sally

Number 583

Swallowing Ivan, the Stag

Number 582

Orificeless Jim 

Number 581

Piccolo Ignacious 

Number 580

Mustache Sally 

Number 579

Danny the Dumbwaiter and his Vertically Active Nuts  

Number 578

The Seventeen Widowed Wives of Count Luscious

Number 577

Flux Delux 

Number 576

Arphaxad, the Shittite 

Number 575

Homophobic Karl, the Bolshevik 

Number 574

Scrote 'the Goat' Guffman 

Number 573

Knotted Nick  

Number 572

Sildenifil James, the Erectily Dysfunctioned

Number 571

Dick the Doffer 

Number 570

Ashamed Gertrude, the Excessively Modest  

Number 569

Barefoot Steve, the Glasswalker 

Number 568

The Urinist 

Number 567

Rod 'the Todd' Girleyes 

Number 566

Todd 'the Rod' Squirreleyes 

Number 565


Number 564

The North Pole 

Number 563

Strippin' Joe Smith and his Army of Wives 

Number 562

Pennywhistle Paddy, the Long and Cheap 

Number 561


Number 561

Chilly Vanilla Johnson 

Number 560

Nerdy Sam, the Joystick Wielder 

Number 559

Bondage Pete, the Hogtied 

Number 558

Henry Poopdeck, the Sailor

Number 557

Helga Von Tittendorf

Number 556


Number 555

Tiberius Clarkgableson, the Drunk Monk Stripper

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Number 554

Drew Peacock

Number 553

Dick Weightythong and his cat.

Number 552

Bike-rack Bill

Number 551

Dickery Dickery Dare

Number 550

Tits McGee, the Bouncer

Number 548 and Number 549

Guy "The Foreskin" Stevens and Zohar "Nip the Tip" Goldberg, the Ironically Paired Polemasters

Number 547

The Minute Man

Number 546

Firehose Jack, the All-Too Frequently Unleashed

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Number 545

Tim Allen is "The Shagging Dog"

Number 544

Mick Shagger

Number 543

General Turgidson

Number 542

Free Willy

Number 541

Sweet Sammy, the Whip Cream Model

Number 540

Pin Ball Pete

Number 539

Chilly Nipperson the Glass Cutter

Number 538

La Fiesta Mexicana

Number 537

50 cent (per night)

Number 536

Cheap Trick

Number 535

Bruce Willys

Number 534


Number 533

Flea and His Red Hot Chili Pepper

Number 532

Ian and his Magical Tongue

Number 531

Andre the Giant Stripper

Number 530

Martin Scorsexe

Number 529

Martin Short

Number 528

Iain 'the Ass' Marshall

Number 527

Buzz, the Human Vibrator

Number 526

Michael Jackoffson

Number 525

Sister Maria

Number 524

Chucky the wood-humping gopher

Number 522 and 523

Elastic Willy, the Slithery One and Gary "Long and Hard" Slong

note-Gary has actually been known to break wooden boards with his penis

Number 521


Number 520

Pythagoras "The Triangle"

Number 519

Fortune Telling Alexi and his crystal balls.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Number 518

John Piper, Minister of Seduction

Number 517

Dicky Longcockings 

Number 516

Engelbert Humperdick

Monday, November 06, 2006

Number 515

Randy Lerner

Number 514

Sadie McKnickers

Number 513

Fantabulon, the Epic Tongue Master

Number 511 and 512

Protruding Phil and Digging Dan,
the Assclowns

Number 510

Jacques 'The Rock' Chirac

Alternately, Cock Chirac

Number 509

the Assquatch

Number 508

Ample Breast

Number 507

Frank, the Diesel Dick

Number 506

Cock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Number 505

The Cock Ness Monster

Number 504

Little Hoes on the Prairie

Number 503

Benjamin the Bean Grinder

Number 502

Callie Taurus

Number 501

Edward Wrinklenuts

Number 500

Colonel Angus

Number 499

Felunda Areola

Number 498

Anal Vice

Number 497

Pumpkin, the Peter-Eater

Number 496

Oranguwang, the Monkey Spanker

Number 495

Jill 'Stick a Cork In It' Butt

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Number 494

Casey Braceface and her Metal Mouth

Number 493

Donald Fagen

Number 492

Steely Dan

Number 491

Busty, Busty Jill, the Uncreative Copycat

Number 490

Breasty, Breasty Jill

Number 489

Pappy O'Daniel

Number 488

Racy Rhonda

Numbers 486 & 487

Party Phil, The Porno Pooper and his annoying twin, Porno Phil, The Party Pooper.

Number 485

Erectheus the Earth-Born

Friday, November 03, 2006

Number 484

Exotic Elaine and her Twenty Two Toucans 

Number 483

Sloppy Joe, The Food Fetish Figurant 

Number 482

Smarmy Steve, the Naked Car Salesman 

Number 480 and 481

Lewis and Clark and their Manifest Destiny, i.e. Their Penises

Number 479

Randy Pinkwood

Number 478

Greg Taco-Eating Harrison, The Taco..?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Number 477

William Shaftner

Number 476

Madam "Le Brest"

Number 475

Dandy Dick

Number 474

Wanga-Ratta, the Bushwacker

Number 473

"Footlong" Larry

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Number 472

Selma Leena

Number 471

Slippery Pete

Number 470

Jumpin Jack Flash

Number 469

'One Dollar' Bill

Number 468

GI Hoe

Note: Features Glow-In-The-Dark Abs

Number 467

Paddy O'Strip, the Hot Potato

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Number 465 and Number 466

Wolverine and "Jeans Off" Gray, the SeX-Men.

Number 464

Professor SeXavier

Number 463

Shaggy Stefan, The Engulfer

Number 462

Dr. Cocktopus